Essential Social Skills for First-Year College Students

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Essential Social Skills for First-Year College Students

The first year of college can be overwhelming for students who are not ready to survive there. Thousands of students visit their college before starting the semester to observe things. However, not every student does that. Some students simply cannot prepare themselves mentally for this moment. Remember, there is help available. Regardless of what type of academic help you want, you can visit to sort out your academic problems.

Therefore, a set of some social skills can help students survive their first year in college. If you want to participate in every activity and compete proficiently, you need to have these skills. Remember, there is no rocket science in these skills, as they are simple, easy to acquire, and long-run skills. Below are some essential social skills to thrive in the first year of college.


No matter how much connected we are with everyone, we still lack confidence somewhere. The more we connect with different people, the harder it becomes to be confident. We live in a digitalized world, where everyone is confident behind their laptop screen. However, when it comes to real life, it becomes hard to even ask for something. Thus, you have to gain confidence before the starting of your college. Interact more face-to-face with people, participate in things you like, and give others a helping hand if they need it.

If you still do not sum up confidence for yourself, find a volunteering program. These types of programs allow tasks to interact with the audience. It can boost confidence levels. Else, you can debate with friends and be persuasive.


Shifting to a new school gives us fear. In the same way, the start of college can be overwhelming. However, the simplest way to overcome this problem is by being ready for everything. Whatever may come against you, you should be able to tackle it. Do adequate preparations and organize things appropriately. One easy way is to visit the college earlier and observe the environment.

Furthermore, if you are going to live in a hostel, be familiar with your roommates. They will motivate you to participate in various activities provided at the college. Explore everything in your college and get to know it. All of these things can help you be approachable.

Make Eye Contact

Keeping eye contact with someone is difficult. It is highly noticeable during an interview. Eye contact has the ability to make the conversation impactful. It can be daunting sometimes, but it can make your moment memorable.

Moreover, teachers nowadays in online classes ask students to keep on looking at their web cameras. It helps the teachers to recognize who is mentally active in the session. It can be tiresome. However, the teachers are just making us better at presentation.

Strong Handshake

Do you remember your dad telling you about the benefits of a strong handshake in your childhood? My dad always asked me to do a confident handshake when I was growing up. I did not understand the purpose of it at that moment. However, now I am glad that he made me do it. A good handshake puts up an excellent first impression. Whether you are in an interview or meeting a new person, having a confident handshake will give a splendid first impression to the person next to you.

Ask for help

Never hesitate to ask for help. It may feel like you are new to college and no one would help you. Well, that is not true. People love to help, and especially the teachers. Therefore, if you find yourself stuck in a state of affairs, do not be afraid to seek help. The moment you ask for help, you will recognize how your approach can change everything. Thereon, you will feel good when you see people helping you without seeking any benefit in return. Also, it will boost your confidence significantly.

Be Forgiving

It is the most vital factor for you to understand. Do not be rude to anyone. You will see various people daily making mistakes. Thus, be polite and forgiving towards them. We never know how the person next to us is feeling or the scenario they are going through. Any inappropriate word or behavior can degrade them.

Remember, it is hard to gather motivation after such an event. Therefore, forgive people easily and do not contain grudges in your heart. The way you treat others defines your personality. Either you can ruin it or be the star.  It is totally up to you.

Listen to others

You may have seen people who solely listen to themselves and never give importance to others. Do not be like them. Always try to listen to others. It is the least we can do for others. Therefore, if someone comes to you to tell something, spare some minutes to listen to them. If possible, give them a helping hand. Who knows what they are dealing with. Sometimes, people just want someone to listen to them.

Moreover, good listening skills are one of the best among other social skills. It refines your personality and reflects it excellently. Be good to your surroundings, and you will get what you serve.


Our social skills are directly proportional to our academic performance. If you hone your social skills, you will see an adequate increase in your learning. It does not mean that social skills make you intellectual. However, it helps you find more ways to approach a task to solve it. For example, if you are socially active, you would have a lot of friends to give you suggestions and help. Anyway, remember that there are academic help sites like available on the internet. You can seek help from there as well if your social circle is not strong.

All the above qualities can prepare a student for being socially involved in their first years of college. Having an excellent approach, confidence level, knowledge of surroundings, and good etiquettes are the key to success. If you possess these attributes, you will be fearless. Acquire the right skillsets and enjoy your academic life.

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