How Online Education is taking over the Education System

Covid-19 gave a head boost to online learning. Right now, 80% of students are learning online. The so-called "norms' are on the verge of breakdown as old school learning ways are falling apart. Technology has made many changes in the education system. Thus, digitalization is growing education at a quick pace. Amid the covid-19, we [...]

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5 Offbeat Strategies To Drive Student Enrollment In Colleges

When it comes to fulfilling student enrollment targets, admissions officials do not have it easy. Because there are so many new ages learning options, reaching this tech-savvy generation is tough. A look at some data will highlight this even further. According to the Inside Higher Education Survey of College, sixty-nine percent of community colleges are [...]

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10 Top Trends Of Digital Transformation In Higher Education

Nobody could have predicted our current situation in 2020. If we were to tell a kid in early 2019 that they will not be going to school for two straight years, they would have laughed at us. In the last six months, more digital transformation has transpired than in the previous decade. All existing transformation [...]

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Time Management Tips for Students Taking Online Classes

Time management is the key that can lead us toward success. Sadly, it has become hard to manage time these days. Students work alongside their studies, and employees enroll themselves in online courses to get a promotion. The competition is rigid than ever. However, regardless of discipline, time management is necessary for every aspect. Therefore, [...]

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Corporate Education Will Never Return To The Classroom

The credit for the finest of our market's talent pool goes to the recruitment of professional and dedicated employees by successful firms and corporations. In today's fast-paced environment, your company has to be able to develop its staff, have the finest procedure in the business to assist you. When corporate education takes priority, it benefits [...]

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